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Theres more to being LGBT than marriage equality

Homo sexuals are individuals and for many the sterotypes don't fit. Of course they are stereo types for a reason. That said being LGBT can be a trip from the ordinary, the sublime to the rediculous and back again. different strokes for different folks

Besides the issues that make controversial headlines as LGBT we have many areas of inequality to contend with. Some far more important than those sensationalised in popular media.

There are aspects of Gay life that would never occur to a hetrosexual and visa versa.



Civil partnership being a half-baked, demeaning offer to Ireland's gay community; that it consigns same-sex couples to a second-class status; ignores the rights (and the very existence) of children raised by those couples; and that 2009 is as good a time as any to allow gay couples the fundamental right of access to civil marriage in a civil registry office.

Though civil marriage isn't a cure all it solves many legal issues. It also sends out a powerful message to bigots that everybody including "LGBT is an equal Irish citizen".

Fear of Bullying in schools, the work place & out in the community has topped recent polls as the biggest concerns of LGBT.


 Top line results from the new survey, Burning Issues, were outlined at a symposium entitled Marriage Matters to Lesbian and Gay People, organized by the National Lesbian and Gay Federation (NLGF). The survey gauges what is important to the lgbt community generally and is not specific to marriage. The new survey shows that over 50% of gay and lesbian people say that they are willing to be actively involved in campaigns. People who rate marriage equality as important are much more likely to lobby politicians and public servants. The determination and will is there to push for marriage.

Burning Issues for LGBT Community in Ireland - What's Hot?
1. Equality at work
2. Bullying/violence
3. Marriage Equality
4. Support for young people
5. Support for coming out
6. Health/mental health services
7. Support for older people
8. Building LGBT networks
9. Gay and lesbian parenting
10. Poverty amongst LGBT people