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“and above all things to thine own self be true” - Shakespeare

'Help us help you', tell us what you need fill in our Transgender survey. This survey is ANONYMOUS which means you don't need to give your name and no-one will be able to connect the information you enter with you. On facebook visit our TransGender Wexford page 

for further information on this issue go to this site. i think it will answer many of your questions



The first thing to say is being transgender is NOT about sexuality some of us are straight some of us are gay some of us are bi and some of us are A-sexual. It is about adopting or becoming the role of the opposite sex, being born in the wrong body or feeling comfortable in the role of the opposite sex you will have your own way of describing the feelings and admitting these feelings to yourself is the first step on the road to self discovery, you are not the first to have the feelings you do and you wont be the last, know that you are not alone.

Gay Wexford is now proud to be one of the three groups to support the new group TranSE or transgender south east this group will offer help and support for all transgender people in the south-east the group will also be a social group and will be a safe space for us to be ourselfs, chat and make friends keep your eyes out on this page for upcoming events it is open to all the south-east and contacts are as fallows: 

Gay Wexford - Victoria -

Waterford south- Vanessa -

Kilkenny PINK- Eyna -
On this page you will find some useful information that I hope will help you in your journey of self discovery anything else you need to know can be obtained from Vanessa Lacy in Waterford contact details below or me on and we will try to help. Discursion is assured by both of us as it is your journey and things will happen at your pace just know you are not alone.

Am I Transgender

Once known as Transexual, and now widely known as transgender, as it has notting to do with sex and all to do with gender. sometimes refered to as the third gender it is a bit simplistic to say this but being transgender is the feeling of being traped in the body of the oppisite sex than you feel you are in my opinion it is much more than that it is feeling with everything you got that you are the oppisite sex and notting can stop this feeling until you asume the role of the oppisite sex. for some transgender girls or boys it is enough to live without those operations but for others thay become fully the oppisite sex /your true gender. this is the feelings a male to female friend of mine had when transisioning she wrote it in the form of a poam. 

    Butterfly •

how I long to dispose of this body I now have.
it is but a mere shell to me;
hiding the truth deep within it.
I wish to be rid of it for good.
I am a butterfly you see,
and this body is just my cocoon.
from this hideous mess one day will come beauty.

my life has only truly just begun,
and there is so much more to learn.
I must face this cruel, harsh world I fear so much.
only through my own suffering
will the beauty I long for ever be achieved.
my life is a constant evolution.
every day I'm changing a little at a time,
as each new piece of my truth shows through.

this process is absolute heaven, and absolute hell,
but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
few people may experience both sides of life as I have.
this is a curse, but also a blessing in disguise.
I am a shape shifter in the truest form;
I am a butterfly.
Author notes
I wrote this trying to describe what it's like to be transgendered and going through the process of transitioning from male to female.

Am I Intersexed

Hermaphrodite was used to describe any person incompatible with the biological gender binary, but has recently been replaced by intersexual in medicine. Humans with typical reproductive organs but atypical clitoris/penis are called pseudohermaphrodites in medical literature.

Am I a Drag Queen

A drag queen is a person, usually a man, who dresses, and usually acts, like a woman often for the purpose of entertaining or performing. There are many kinds of drag artists and they vary greatly from professionals who have starred in movies to people who just try it once. Drag queens also vary by class and culture and can vary even within the same city. Although many
drag queens are presumed to be gay men or transgender people, there are drag artists of all genders and sexualities who do drag for various reasons.

Generally, drag queens dress in a female gender role, often exaggerating certain characteristics for comic, dramatic or satirical effect. Other drag performers include drag kings, who are women who perform in male roles, faux queens, who are women who dress in an exaggerated style to emulate drag queens and faux kings, who are men who dress to impersonate drag kings.


Am I A Drag King

Drag kings are mostly female performance artists who dress in masculine drag and personify male gender stereotypes as part of their performance.
A typical drag king routine may incorporate dancing and singing or lipsynching. Drag kings often perform as exaggeratedly macho male characters or impersonate male celebrities like Elvis Presley or Tim McGraw.

Several drag kings became British music hall stars in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and British pantomime has preserved the tradition of women performing in male roles. Starting in the mid 90s drag kings have begun to gain some of the fame and attention that drag queens have known for years.


Wexford Town

Trans Night: Coffee, chat & makeup
Sunday, 28th November 2010, Art Upstairs, 89 North Main Street (over Oxfam), Wexford. 7.30pm - 
9.00pm. Wear what you want. Dressing room available. contact 086 079 2625

TranSE, Transgender South East peer support group...

meets at the Cheshire Home, John Street, Waterford
every second Friday of each month.
For more information call Vanessa on 085 147 7166.

Who are TENI?

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) is a voluntary organisation set up to support Transgendered and Transsexual people throughout Ireland. Our aim is to represent the needs and best interests of all those with gender identity issues in Ireland.

TENI is dedicated to promoting positive awareness about transsexuality (medically known as 'Gender Identity Disorder') and to improving conditions and advancing equality for all Transsexual and Transgender people in Ireland. On our own and liaising with a variety of community organisations, we work toward this goal by overseeing support meetings, offering education and sensitivity training, and organising social events, workshops and courses, and much more.

New members are always welcome and we encourage Transgender people, Transsexuals, friends, partners, family and anyone with a real commitment to Irish Trans issues to join TENI.

TENI is committed to supporting Trans people, their families, friends and partners in a variety of ways.

Contact Us


Contact Addresses:

Please bear in mind that TENI is an organisation run by volunteers: if you don't get an immediate response, bear with us, we will get back to you.


Peer Support Groups
The Peer Support Groups periodically for Transsexual people and questioning individuals looking for information, assistance and support. They are primarily support groups and not social meetings, although it they are a good way to make friends. Conducted as autonomous peer support groups (meaning it they are primarily led by the group participants themselves) with a facilitator, they offers an open, friendly and safe environment in which to explore questions and seek information. Confidentiality is respected and assured. At this time, only those over 18 can attend. Those under 18 seeking support shoulde see 'IndividualiTy' below. (Please inform the facilitators of any medical condition you may be suffering from, such as epilepsy or diabetes, in case of emergency)

The Dublin Transgender Peer Support Group runs fortnightly and meets at Outhouse, Capel Street, Dublin.
For more info please call: 01 873 4999

The Cork Transgender Peer Support Group meets at 'The Other Place', South Main Street, Cork at 8pm - 10pm on the first Wednesday of every month.
For more information call Christine on 085 108 3935 or contact ‘The Cork Gay Project' on 021 4278470.

The Waterford Peer Support Group meets at the Cheshire Home, John Street, Waterford every second Friday of each month.
For more information call Vanessa on 085 147 7166.

TransGender Health

Dr James Kelly,
No 8 Pembroke Road,
Dublin 4
087 662 9972

Dr O Shea,
St. Columcille's Hospital
Co. Dublin
Tel: (01) 211 5066

For assistance  or to arrange Transgender specific (subsidised) counselling in the South East contact Vanessa on the TENi line 085 147 7166


'IndividualiTy' is a social group for young trans people and those questioning their gender identity. It aims to provide a safe, positive and fun space where trans youth can relax, be themselves and make friends.

Gender identity is the internal feeling of being a man or a woman, boy or girl. For some people their gender identity doesn't match up with the sex assigned to them at birth. They may have been born into a female body and feel strongly that they are a boy, or vice versa.

IndividualiTy meets every two weeks and is open to young trans-identified people aged 14 to 23.

For more information phone 01 873 4184 or email


TransGender Wexford